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+100Theme+ Pearl- Love by Endless-Rainfall +100Theme+ Pearl- Love :iconendless-rainfall:Endless-Rainfall 612 261 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Mod Zeke by bagera3005 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Mod Zeke :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 68 2
'Scent to You', MM
     One day, in beautiful Paris, Amy was window-shopping to find something to wear to impress Sonic. She found a beautiful fur coat. It was so fury that it could really impress Sonic. She went into the store and tried to buy it, but Rouge flew in and got it first.
     “Sorry, pinky.” Rouge said, taking the coat. “Finders keepers, losers weepers.”
     “Hey, I saw that coat first, thief!” Amy said.
     “Sorry, but fashion is more my style.” Rouge said. “But I know something you can wear.”
     Rouge grabbed what seems to be a skunk coat with a skunk tail and added some glue onto the inside of the coat.
     “Here, wear this!” Rouge said, putting the coat on Amy.
     Amy tried to take the coat off, but it was stuck on tight.
:iconlooneytunerian:LooneyTunerIan 20 48
'Baby Buggy Bummers', MM
     One day, at a nation city bank, 2 robbers were robbing it. The identities were unknown, but the first person was in a blue trench coat and has a matching blue fedora on his head. And other person was dressed in a red trench coat with a matching red sunhat on her head. So it appears that the second person was a girl. Meaning that the first person is a man. They are both aiming their guns at the teller, as the teller was filling the man’s bag with money as well as the ladies’ purse with money as well. When the bag and purse was all filled up, they slowly walked backwards to the entrance, move their guns left and right, willing to shoot if anyone were to make a move. When the 2 criminals left the bank, ran into an alley that a baby’s pram fit for 2. They looked both ways to see if any cops came. When there no cops around, the 2 criminals took off their disguises, revealing that they were both the size of a 3 year old. They were only standing on
:iconlooneytunerian:LooneyTunerIan 14 16
SatoHika Tribute by Endless-Rainfall SatoHika Tribute :iconendless-rainfall:Endless-Rainfall 266 213 +100Theme+ Pearl - Relaxation by Endless-Rainfall +100Theme+ Pearl - Relaxation :iconendless-rainfall:Endless-Rainfall 422 233 Just for you Sonnikuu by Trakker Just for you Sonnikuu :icontrakker:Trakker 187 46
Dragon's milk chapter 7
Chapter 7: Green is better than red..
*When Amy woke up, Amy was staring into the eyes of Fiora*
Amy: Woah!
Fiora: < You're awake...>
Amy: yeah. Sorry for falling asleep.
Fiora: < No matter..>
Amy: So uh if I could get my milk I will be on my way.
* Fiora nods and lays down near the draclings*
Amy: Thank you.
*She gets the milk.*
* Amy departs*
*Amy made her way home.*
*when she arrived, rouge, sonic, and tails were there as well*
Amy: Oh hi guys! What are you doing here?
Rouge: checking up on shadow...he needs that milk..
Amy: Yeah I know Iv got some now.
Rouge: give it ot him.
Amy: Right!
*She goes over to you.*
* she again sees my motionless body lying on the couch*
* Amy pours the thick blue liquid in my mouth*
Amy: Come on Shadow swallow.
*Amy walks idly while watching*
*I slowly wake up.*
Me: uhh...
Amy: Shadow your awake!
Me: uh-yeah..
*Amy notices that Shadows eyes show a barley noticeable green tint.*
Amy: huh?
Me: Something wrong?
Amy: uh-nothing..
Shadow: If you say so.....
:iconbabyshadowlol:babyshadowlol 6 104
Pagoda by Pretty-Angel Pagoda :iconpretty-angel:Pretty-Angel 11 21 Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 by geN8hedgehog Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 28,905 15,243 Female Furry Dollmaker v1.2 by geN8hedgehog Female Furry Dollmaker v1.2 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 35,802 20,257
The Legacy of Amy Rose pt1
Chapter one: time to go.
(Koheku’s P.O.V)
I awoke to the bright sun in my face. Turning over I caught a glance of the mirror reflecting the whole room. Staring back at me was the indigo eyes of the red and black echidna that was laying in his futon. Still looking in the mirror I sat up and watched the young male sit up as well. After a few minutes I stopped looking at the mirror and got up to get dressed. I opened my closet and pulled out one of my many uniforms. Today was my first mission to leave the country so I put on my best black and silver silk kimono tied off with my pure silver obi. Over top I wore my favorite black hakama. Finally I put on a pair of leather gloves which had two holes made especially for my knuckle spikes.
Now that I was dressed I opened the door and left my room only to find that some one had left a note on my door step. Now the note wasn’t a formal letter but it was put in to an envelope and sealed. Opening it with my spiked knuckle I found that th
:iconinfernothechinchilla:Infernothechinchilla 2 4
Amy finds out Sonic's Love by nickgurlpa Amy finds out Sonic's Love :iconnickgurlpa:nickgurlpa 21 110 Panty Raid Failure by Mad-But-Happy Panty Raid Failure :iconmad-but-happy:Mad-But-Happy 13 52
Baby Love-Chapter Thirty
Chapter 30Shedding Tears
On a sunny afternoon, Shadow was in the Living Room, playing with some toy blocks with Tails and Amy. The reason Shadow was playing toy blocks was because he didn’t want to be near Webs at all—he hated spiders. Anyways, as the three babies kept building, it got to the point where only one block was needed at the top—the problem was that they couldn’t make it fall.
“Shads,” Amy said, “Don’t make the castle fall.” “Me won’t.” Shadow said as he carefully placed the last block on top. “Yay!” Tails cheered as he clapped happily. “Shadow,” Vanilla said, “Can you come with me please?” “’kay.” Shadow said, “Me be right back guys.”
In a GUN Helicopter, a furious and angry GUN Commander was staring out the window—waiting for his destination point to appear. The reason he wa
:iconspd243:spd243 22 144
Really, Amy... by Bonka-chan Really, Amy... :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 4,994 942





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