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WIP: My new character by ritinha2 WIP: My new character :iconritinha2:ritinha2 9 47
SCA--Chapter 1: Sonic Part 13
Chapter OneSonic the Hedgehog Part 13: Robotropolis
Robotropolis-a place full of pollution, darkness and despair…factories puffing out black smoke…strange machines patrolling and guarding different locations…and all of it ruled by an evil, cold-hearted leader. In this place of despair and hiding in the junkyard, the Freedom Fighters was getting their plans set and ready for their big mission.
"Okay guys," Sally said, "Our target is Tower #3…the tower that builds all of Robotnik's machines. We have to carefully and quietly brake in and shut down that tower at all costs." "Why that particular tower thought?" Dulcy asked. "ROBOTNIK HAS BEEN CREATING MACHINES TO FIND KNOTHOLE'S HIDEOUT." Nicole replied. "Okay guys," Sally said, "Lets move."
Walking into the alleys and dark streets…making sure that no machines were following or could see them, the Freedom Fighters of Knothole arrived at the tower's entrance. However, this made Sonic stop walking and stare at
:iconspd243:spd243 9 47
SCA SonicSecrets 3 Pink n Blue
Sonic's Secrets #3Pink and Blue
Deep in the mist of the woods in the Great Forest, a certain pink hedgehog was happily walking about, humming a song and admiring the nature around her. This pink hedgehog has so much respect for nature, and a soft spot for small and helpless creatures-you would say she's almost mother nature.
"Hmm…I wonder what should I do today," Amy said, "I already help out some baby blue birds back into their nests, and I'm not really that hungry…oh well…guess I'll go wherever the wind blows."
Unfortunately, that particular wind led her to robotic insects that began to swarm her. Amy gulped and took out her hammer as she began to whack each and ever robot bug that came her way.
'Where are these things coming from?' Amy thought, 'And why are they all machines?'
Each whack she made caused more robot bugs to turn into scrap piles of useless metal-however, her luck started to run out as she began to tire. She knew that she could keep this up…
:iconspd243:spd243 11 2,643
SCA--Chapter 1: Sonic Part 12
Chapter OneSonic the Hedgehog Part 12: A Two-Tailed Friend
The next day on another beautiful afternoon, Sonic headed over to Sally's hut-only to find an unfamiliar voice echoing about. The blue blur curiously snuck inside as he saw Sally talking to a portable device.
"Nicole, can you download the next strategies for our next plan of attack?" Sally asked. "YES SALLY," Nicole replied, "DOWNLOADING STRAGEY PLANS NOW." "That's Nicole?" Sonic asked confused. "YES SONIC…I AM NICOLE," the device replied, "I WAS ONCE JUST LIKE YOU…ABLE TO USE MY OWN LEGS AND FEET, BUT I'M NOW S TRAPPED IN THIS ELECTRONIC BOX-HOPING TO GET FREE SOMEDAY." "Okay," Sonic said, "Sally, I'm going for a run…I'll be back later." "Okay Sonic," Sally said, "Just be careful." "I will." Sonic said as he dashed off.
In the Great Forest, a young two-tailed kitsune was injured and running away from a couple of bullies…three t
:iconspd243:spd243 9 398
Sonic's 18th Birthday--page 1 by SonicFF Sonic's 18th Birthday--page 1 :iconsonicff:SonicFF 429 155 Sonic's 18th Birthday--page 6 by SonicFF Sonic's 18th Birthday--page 6 :iconsonicff:SonicFF 561 405
A Tails Doll Halloween Poem 2
Tails Doll Poem 2
Written and Told by: Tails Doll
BoYs AnD gIrLs Of EvErY aGe,
WoUlD yOu LiKe To HeAr SoMeThInG sTrAnGe?
LiStEn Up AnD cOmE fOr YoU wIlL sEe,
HoW i CeLeBrAtE mY hAlLoWeEn!
I lUrK aBoUt On HaLlOwEeN nIgHt,
My BlOoD lUsT fAcE cAuSeS tHoSe To DiE oF fRiGhT.
sTaRvEd FrOm LiViNg In A dArK hOlE,
yOuR sCrEaMs AnD sCaReS eXcItEd My SoUl.
My HeArTlEsS PeRsOnAlItY fIlLeD wItH hAtReD aNd SpItE,
tHe OnLy ThInG tHaT cAn RuIn ThIs MoMeNt Is A SpArK oF lIgHt.
TuRnInG yOuR cOsTuMeS iNtO rEaLiTy,
TeRrOr FoR yOu, BuT eNjOyMeNt FoR mE.
YoUr AnNoYiNg PoEm ThAt YoU fInD sO cUtE aNd MeRrY,
tHiNkInG tHaT bY sAyInG tHe PoEm ThAt It MaKeS yOu ScArY.
I dEsPiSe ThE "fAkE" sCaRy ThInGs YoU dO,
sO hErE iS mY HaLlOwEeN pOeM fOr yOu:
"TrIcK oR tReAt,
   SmElL mY fOwLeD fEeT,
     GiVe Me SoMeThInG gOoD tO EaT,
       If YoU dOn'T,
         I wIlL cArE,
:iconspd243:spd243 21 71
Mature content
Sega Halloween Treat Finale :iconspd243:spd243 14 337
SCA--Chapter 1: Sonic Part 11
Chapter OneSonic the Hedgehog Part 11: Knothole
Knothole-a place where huts where constructed with wood and hay, full of some green grass and other plant life; but most important of all, it was hidden under a secret stump in the deepest part of the forest called the Great Forest. Sonic got up from the pile of hay and began to look around when 5 animals appeared in front of him.
"Now Og-edge." Antoine D' Coolette said, pointing his sword in front of Sonic's face, "Are you ze enemy?" "Wh-What do you w-want from m-me?" Sonic asked frightened. "Why have you trespassed on our land?!" Antoine asked.  "I-I don't know," Sonic said frightened, "I jumped in a hole from an e-explosion." "Cut it out y'all," the female rabbit said, "You're scarin' the poor thang."
Sonic suddenly felt himself lifted into scaly sea-green arms, belonging to a female dragon. Sonic looked at the dragon-he thought that they were just myths…he thought they didn't exist, but he was wrong. The female
:iconspd243:spd243 12 93
Sega Halloween Treat Chapter 4
Chapter FourA Night In the Haunted Mansion: The Chaotix and Silver
Haunted Mansion Room #2: The Royalty Hallway
When the couples walked through this hallway, the place looked lively-bright red carpet, beautiful pictures, decorative flowers, chandeliers and gorgeous wallpaper. The couple felt like royalty when they walked through this hallway, but not for the Chaotix…they felt like a mysterious was hiding.
"I wonder why this place suddenly became like this." Vector wondered. "I wonder how bad the curse was." Charmy said. "You seriously believe in that junk?" Espio asked. "I do!" Charmy smiled happily. "TuRn BaCk…" "Stop kidding around Charmy." Vector said. "B-But that wasn't me." Charmy gulped. "TuRn BaCk…" Vector looked ahead and suddenly shouted, "Wh_What are those black tentacle things?!" "I'll take care of this!" Espio said.
Espio used one of his special ninja weapons and threw it at the tentacle. Unfortunately, more tentacles shot out, grabbed Espio and pulle
:iconspd243:spd243 13 36
Prank by LiyuConberma Prank :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 156 39
Sega Halloween Treat Chapter 2
Chapter TwoThe Old Haunted House
Costumes…the most fun part to on Halloween! Dressing up as your favorite superhero, animal, food, cartoon/movie character, alien, monster, and so much more. Anyways, outside on Halloween Night, each Sega character had their own unique and scary or funny costume:
Amy Rose: Angel (bird wings on back, an a halo)
Shadow the Hedgehog: Devil (red horns…a red trident, and a devil's tail)
Miles "Tails" Prower: Tails Doll (had a red glowing jewel dangling from his head, fake red glowing eyes, and dotted line makes on half of his body to make it look like he was a real living doll)
Knuckles The Echidna: Ghost (holes cut for eyes to see and for wings to fly, and a white sheet covering him)
Silver the Hedgehog: Superhero (a dark green cape, and a big S on his chest)
Blaze the Cat: Black Cat (Black ears, paws and tail-basically painted herself black)
Rouge the Bat: Witch (dark purple witch hat and witch clothes, a broom and a small black cauldron)
:iconspd243:spd243 16 1,646
Sega Halloween Treat Chapter 1
Chapter OneThe Bet
October 31st…a holiday full of ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, screams, scares, costumes and so much more. This holiday was where it was okay to scare someone for fun, but the main reason everyone loves this holiday the most was…the candy! Yes! Glorious candy of many kinds-caramels, chocolate bars, gumballs, jawbreakers, lollipops and the list is endless. All you have to do, in order to get that candy, is to dress your best and scariest costume, say "Trick-or-Treat" and receive all the candy you have ever dreamed of. Speaking of Halloween, in a certain workshop, belonging to a certain young two-tailed fox, Sonic and his Sega friends were all sitting in the Living Room when Knuckles came in with a flashlight and shone it on his face.
"All right everyone," Knuckles shut off the lights, and soon said in a ghostly tone, "Time for scaaaaary stories!" "D-Do we really h-have to?" Tails asked a bit frightened. "Tails are you afraid?" Cream asked. "O-
:iconspd243:spd243 17 422
Sonic :: stare by Naplez Sonic :: stare :iconnaplez:Naplez 445 11 Nosey Amy Rosey by SpeedLimit-Infinity Nosey Amy Rosey :iconspeedlimit-infinity:SpeedLimit-Infinity 329 161
SCA Sonic Secret 2: Bedwetting
Sonic’s Secrets #2Bedwetting
Spd243: Now I know this might seem off topic…but I HAD to tell you this! I could just hold this juicy secret back for myself! Now listen up…you all thought after he was potty trained, all his troubles were over…WRONG! Sonic in fact…*whispers*…a bed wetter!! Well, I have to thank Tails for telling me this AMAZING secret! So I’ll stop yapping and let you all enjoy.
On a starry and dark night, a blue 16-year old hedgehog was dozing off as he continued to watch TV. He knew he was going to fall asleep sooner or later; so he got up, turned off the TV and headed into Tails’ bedroom. Sonic felt too exhausted to run and he knew Tails wouldn’t mind if he slept in for the night—soon he lied down, pulled the covers over his body and immediately fell asleep as his head rested on the soft and fluffy pillow.
Soon long after, a yellow two-tailed
:iconspd243:spd243 25 4,378




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